Things to Look out for When Buying Antique Jewellery Online

Things to Look out for When Buying Antique Jewellery Online


Investing in estate jewellery can be a very good investment if you understand the pros and cons.

Antique jewellery is seen to be far better than vintage jewellery from a business perspective, and it’s on high demand.

Despite the high demand, most antique pieces of jewellery are actually quite affordable.

However, a low price does not only make a good deal, paying a price lower than the value of the goods is the key.

To make sure you’re going for valuable antique jewellery, these are some of the things you should look out for.

Buy from a credible seller only

Whenever you want to buy antique jewellery online from eCommerce sites, the first thing to do is to check the credibility of the seller.

Either from eBay, craigslist, Amazon, you can check the reviews from previous buyers that bought it.

If a seller has sold antiques in the past, you can get an idea of how satisfied a buyer was with a particular piece.

You should also look for other jewellery he listed for sale. The tactic is, if he lists up to ten antique rings that are the same, you can assume he’s not having the real antique ring.

Most antique and estate jewellery pieces are unique in there designs, so ordering in bulk may not be a good option.

Check the jewellery carefully

Take your time to check the pictures, look at both the front and the back of the property.

Ensure there’s not much sign of wear. Look at the hallmarks, and check the prongs.

It’s better to even use a loupe to check the jewellery since cracks and chips in gemstones can easily be overlooked.

If you notice any changes that will affect the value of your investment, it’d be better to readjust the value and the price you want to offer for the piece of jewellery.

While you should not expect antique jewellery to shine like new, it should have the patina.

Antique jewellery is characterized by dent, so you should expect it, if not, the jewellery may even be fake.

Don’t be afraid to ask Questions

Get in touch with the seller, ask whether it’s antique or vintage jewellery. Don’t be shy to be inquisitive, ask how he gets the pieces he’s selling.

If a piece of jewellery is not having any documentation, factor this in your price.

A good and honest seller will not be afraid to provide useful information about where the piece comes from.

Price consideration

Don’t just go for cheap jewellery, a cheap product is cheap for a reason.

If the asking price is lower than a fair price from other sellers, then you should be afraid.

You should compare the price with the stones, the metal, and the quality of the piece.

You should also compare and contrast the product and the price with a similar piece from other sellers on the site or other store.

Looking for Trademark

Did you just read Trademark, yes? Some antique jewellers have a maker’s mark somewhere on their items.

Therefore, if the jewellery has been made in the early 19s for example, there’s high tendency that it will have a small symbol of the manufacturer’s initials.

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You can even do findings online, there are blogs that list antique jewellery brands with explanations of the origins and artisans behind the different pieces.


If you’re buying antique jewellery for the first time, you can find a good bargain from popular online stores.

Being that there are fake pieces of jewellery sold as antique pieces, you should follow the above mentioned tips before buying your real estate jewellery.

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