Five things to keep in mind when buying your first suit

Five things to keep in mind when buying your first suit


Although it seems that men’s clothing has not undergone many changes in the last decade, it does not mean that there are not many varieties for men to choose from. Especially when attending certain events, the choices for semi-formal and formal clothing is vast. A pro tip is that men should pay more attention to the clothing so that they can appear neat and elegant.

You should own at least one set of a formal suit because they are needed frequently nowadays, especially when it comes to attending events. Furthermore, a suite will make a man look more sophisticated and luxurious.

Not only does it give a great impression, the right suit and body shape can also make men look more fashionable and even provide a masculine impression than ordinary clothes. So, It would be best if you started preparing to buy a suit for you. Here are five things to consider when purchasing suits online in India.

Pay attention to the arms

Currently, you don’t have to use a tailor to take the measurements for your suit even though it is advisable to sew it yourself so that the size can be maximized. You are advised to pay attention to several things when going to buy a suit such as the sleeves. It would be best if you choose a coat with the right length of sleeves, meaning that it is neither too short nor too long. The right length of the sleeves will give you a balanced look. To find out, put on the coat and see if the palms are still visible or if they are covered.

Make sure the size fits

A suit is not a super-large shirt but a formal dress that should be sized to fit the body. Therefore, it is essential to know your size before you decide to make or buy a suit.

It would be best if you choose a coat that is neither tight nor too loose. If it is too tight, it will be difficult for you to move. Conversely, if the jacket is too loose, your appearance will give the impression of geeky.

You are advised to pay attention to the details of the jacket on the shoulders, chest width, waist width, sleeve length, and the length of the coat measured from the shoulder. The length of the suit should also be considered and should have sufficient span to cover the front and back of the body. Don’t wear a coat that is too short or too long for a more balanced appearance.

Dare to be creative with a tie

The tie is one of the elements in formal attire that is generally worn together with a suit. There are several types of ties, and they are typically distinguished by colour, material and pattern. For your tie, you can choose a wool tie, a tie with a pin-dot motif, a tie with stripes, or even a tie with a more playful feel.

To get around the tie motif, you can customize it with the colour of the shirt and jacket you will wear. For a patterned tie, it’s best to pair it with a plain shirt and black coat for a more balanced impression.

On the other hand, if you wear a patterned suit, you should choose a plain tie with shiny accents made of slippery materials such as satin when it comes to formal events. For other cases, for a semi-formal event, you might try using a club-patterned tie paired with a suit with sneakers for a more casual look.

Match the shoe colour

Today many combine sneakers with suits. This is fine as long as you can adjust to the event. However, for formal occasions, you are still advised to wear formal shoes such as oxfords or leather loafers that give a formal look.

You can choose shoes that match the colour of the suit. If you are wearing a dark suit, like black, then you should wear dark shoes like black or dark brown.

Conversely, if you are wearing a suit in a lighter colour like grey, you can choose shoes in a more bold colour like dark red. If you are wearing a suit in a soft colour like beige, you can wear white or light brown shoes for a more fashionable look.

The suit must be long enough

The models of suits vary, but you should not just choose and follow the guidelines so that your appearance can remain masculine. The suits are different from the blazers of men which appear to be shorter when worn. For a suit, it is recommended that you cover your zipped pants and buttocks.

Also, you should choose a suit model that can follow the movements and curves of the body well. To make the suits more durable, you can unbutton the suits before sitting down to prevent the jacket from being pulled and easily torn or deformed.a

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