Fascinating Things About Spirited Away That Would Attract You To Buy Your Own-Figurine

Fascinating Things About Spirited Away That Would Attract You To Buy Your Own-Figurine


You might have heard about the animated figurines available on Ghibli store. The store is very popular as there are various accessories, apparel, plushies and figurines available online. And one of the most popular characters is Spirited Away characters. If you haven’t seen the movie then the facts below would surely intimidate you to buy the respective products. The movie and characters have captured the heart of viewers all over the world. You can fall in love with the movie all over again with these interesting facts.

1: Spirited Away was created without a script. Yes, even though the plot of the movie is astonishing but the story developed after the director started working on the film.

2: The Director did everything including writing, direction, storyboard drawing, and so much more.

3: The character of Chihiro was inspired by a daughter of one of the director’s friend. He focused on making a movie for the 10-year old girls in the time when film directors were only focusing on romance.

4: The River Spirit in the movie was an inspiration from the director’s personal experience. He cleaned a river once and took the idea of creating the spirit of the polluted river.

5: Lots of American Businesses were trying to take over the Ghibli Studio for a very long time. But at last, Disney bought the Studio.

6: The movie-Spirited Away broke the box-office records by earning over 30.4 billion yen and became the highest-grossing Japanese movie. It even broke the records of the Titanic movie.

7: The names of the characters in the movies simply reflect their personality. The job they had was their name such as Boh means little boy or son, or Kamaji means old boiler man, Zeniba means money witch, Yubaba means bathhouse witch.

8: The American version had to be modified so that the viewers could understand the concept of the movie clearly. You will see that sometimes, the heroine narrates what she is doing and what’s going on in the movie. It helped to clarify certain elements of the movie.

9: You might have seen Lilo & Stitch in your childhood. In the English version of the movie, the voice of the heroine is dubbed by the same woman.

10: You will be glad to know that there is an original set of Spirited Away in Taiwan. You will find a similar town and see the uncanny resemblance of the place to the movie.

Hopefully, all these facts are enough to make the movie appealing. So, if you find it interesting then go and watch the movie and you’ll surely love to buy the figures afterward.

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