Unconventional Back Neck Blouse Designs That Will Give You Some Fashion Goals

Unconventional Back Neck Blouse Designs That Will Give You Some Fashion Goals


What really gives a perfect touch to the six feet long traditional attire? It’s the blouse designs. Ask any woman who loves to wear saree and she will tell you how crucial the blouse designs are to attain a drool-worthy appearance.

But the key problem among the modern brides-to-be is the majority of the blouse designs they find are either too cliche or too garish. Don’t be sad ladies! When one door closes, another opens. In this post, we are going to state some of the most unconventional, super stunning, and latest back neck blouse designs that will upsurge your fashion quotient and help you to set some fashion goals.

1. Tiable Back Neck Blouse Design with Mirror Work

If this blouse design is not gorgeous, we don’t what it is. It is one of those unconventional blouse designs that goes pretty well with all saree styles. What makes this blouse design stand apart from the pack is scintillating mirror work and the tiable design format that makes it a must try.

2. Back Neck Blouse Design with Mesh & Zardosi Work

The amalgamation of Meshwork & Zardosi Work makes this blouse design attention-grabbing. Try this blouse style with silk saree and get ready to ooze the charm at any event.

3. Side Dori Fish Cut Back Neck Blouse

You must be wondering what kind of name this blouse design has? Well, this back neck blouse design has a Chinese collar neck at the front side and an unsymmetrical and unique fish cut at the back side. This blouse style best suits with handloom fabrics.

4. Round Pot Back Neck Blouse

Want to slay everyone with your ravishing appearance? Round pot back neck blouse is the real deal for you. It goes well with any saree, lehenga, and other party dresses. For the sleek variations, consider round pot blouses with silver embroidery work and satiate your cravings for the brand new party avatar.

5. Fox Bow Contrast Back Neck Blouse

All right, ladies, we all know that you love the bows. How about having one on your back neck blouse with contrasting color variations? The combination of round neck blouse with fox bow is sufficient enough to amp up your appearance and turn some heads at the party. Fox bow back neck blouse is best of both of the worlds.

6. Back Neck Blouse with Multiple Doris

There is a numerous variation of multi Doris back neck blouses available in the market. But the fascinating thing is this blouse design never fails to amaze the ladies. How can something so simple be so incredibly stylish?

7. Drop Shape Back Neck Blouse with Dori

This blouse design is the refined version of round pot back neck blouses. If you are looking for something simple and magnificent to try with your new saree, you must give it a shot to drop shape back neck blouses. The perfect proportion of the drop and the Doris take this blouse design to a whole different level.

8. Plain Gold Backless Blouse

The glitter of the plain gold backless blouse and your natural charm can make any man go gaga over you. You can match this blouse design with any saree in your closet.

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