5 usual signs there’s a chance you can get your ex back

5 usual signs there’s a chance you can get your ex back


Have you ever find yourself in some awkward moment? Of course yes. For you to get through these moments will usually depend on how you act or carry yourself thus determining whether the situation will work in your favor or against you. So are you ready for some quick way to get your ex back.

This is pretty much the same as if you call it quits with your girlfriend or boyfriend and you want them back but you just don’t have any ideas on how to pull this out.  It even gets more awkward when you keep bumping in to each other unexpectedly.

But what if your ex also has the same thing in mind? She wants to get back with you but doesn’t want to make the first move. Well, I guess some things are better if you figure them out yourself but if you can’t, this article is just what you need.

Below are some signs that would clearly indicate your ex has intentions of getting back with you.

What are the signs?

  1. The Future Talk

If you are having a little chit chat with your ex and suddenly they start to talk about a future that you also feature in, take it as a sign. This means that your ex has been involved in some deep thinking about you and wants to make things right with you.

Your ex probably sees or has been imagining both of you being together in the future. If you were also feeling the same, just reciprocate the feeling as a reward the desirable behavior your ex just shown.

Find a way to do this while still keeping your cool and not getting way ahead of yourself by quickly accepting the idea.

2. Talks onwhatever made you end the relationship

Most of the time when people talk about what made them end the relationship, they will always try to find reasons so as to blame it on the other person. In this case, you don’t need to talk about this to make your judgments on why your relationship failed.

On the contrary, you need to go through what happened and find a way of improving on it.When your ex talks about it, you can clearly tell whether they are genuinely remorseful or they just want to victimize themselves and blame it on you.

You should also try and welcome the conversation in a polite way and try also not to start pointing fingers. This is a sign that your ex is really looking forward to work things out.

3. Improving themselves

Well, sometimes your breakup might have been facilitated by something in you. Maybe it came as lack of respect to your partner or any other thing.

If you see or notice your ex trying to get better on these areas then should be a sign. However, it is not usually guaranteed to be a sign of them wanting you back as they might be trying to get better for their personal reasons or even for a future relationship.

Anyway, you need to still keep your cool and reward this behavior by congratulating them and showing support and proper attention they deserve.

4. Dating life secrets

It can be seen as a sign that your ex might be considering getting back with you if they consistently keep their love life a secret from you. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been keeping it from you if they had no intentions of getting back with you.

They just won’t care even if you find out right? However, this can go two ways. Maybe they genuinely want to get back with you or they are just enjoying being alone at the moment as they are working on how they can move on.

Either way, you just need to stay away from their private or personal life and even if your ex is seeing someone else, probably it could just be a rebound. Stay out of it and stick to the plan.

5. Reminiscing about the time you had together

This is also one of the signs showing the intentions of your ex wanting to get back with you.It simply means that he or she misses having you around and would love to have that fun again just like when you were still in the relationship.

Well, this is where you should be rewarding such a behavior from your ex. Welcome the conversation in a positive way and try to make them feel that you still are a fun loving person and that your life is still full of great times with them not around.


These are the simple signs you need to be on the lookout for and even as obvious as others may seem remember, they are just signs.

 Remember what I said about getting caught up in an awkward position? Well, watch out for the signs and act appropriately as the way you behave will determine whether you succeed or fail.

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