Check Types of Plastics Available in UK and their Effect on Human Health

Check Types of Plastics Available in UK and their Effect on Human Health


Millions of people worldwide are aware of how plastic is affecting the environment and wildlife. However, only a few of them understands that plastic has an adverse effect on human health and thus, opt for plastic-free living. To understand the adverse effect in detail you need to know about the different types of plastics available in the market along with their common uses and adverse effect on health.

  1. PVC (polyvinylchloride)

This type of plastic is one of the most common types available in the market. It is used for several things such as food packaging, cosmetics, plastic wrap, floor tiles, shower curtains, water pipes, toiletry containers, garden hoses, and more. Apart from these common uses, these are also used for manufacturing inflatable pools, crib bumpers, pacifiers, toys, etc.

There are ample adverse effects a person can suffer when they utilize PVC products mentioned above. These include birth defects, cancer, ulcers, vision failure, skin diseases, genetic changes, indigestion, chronic bronchitis, liver dysfunction, etc. Hence, it is good to avoid using this type of plastic and look for its alternatives.

  1. Polycarbonate plastic

All the plastic water bottles that one sees in the market are manufactured using polycarbonate plastic along with Bisphenol A. Numerous studies done by scientists indicate that low Bisphenol A doses expose people to several health problems such as impaired immune, cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. Lesser severe health effects include early puberty onset, hyperactivity, etc.

This is why scientists are urging people to use stainless steel mugs for drinking liquid and simply fill it with tap water when leaving home. This is a far better alternative than opting for packaged bottled water.

  1. Phthalates

This type of plastic is used primarily for manufacturing emulsion paints, vinyl clothing, footwear, a few particular children’s commodities, printing inks, food wrap, product packaging, vinyl flooring etc. Apart from these, several medical supplies are created using this plastic such as IV containers, blood bags, breathing tubes, surgical gloves, lab products, inhalation masks, etc.

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Using phthalates products often lead to people suffering from endocrine disruption, reproductive and developmental effects, associated with asthma, etc. Also, incinerating medical waste created from such plastic-type causes health effects from the release of mercury and dioxins. Inhaling such gases when breathing polluted air leads to birth defects, infertility, hormonal changes, impairment of immune system, etc.

  1. Polystyrene

Another harmful plastic-type which is used for manufacturing several products is polystyrene. It is used for creating food containers that stores fish, meat, cheeses, clamshell, yogurt, etc. Also, it is used for making CD cases, ice buckets, serving trays, flotation devices, wall tiles, building insulation, serving trays, toys, disposable cutlery, etc.

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Some of the harmful effects it has on human health include dizziness, throat, nose, and eye irritation, unconsciousness, etc. If it migrates into a person’s food then it gets stored in the body as fat.

These are some of the plastic types that have a severe adverse effect on human health. This is why people are opting for a lifestyle that excludes the usage of plastic completely. With increasing awareness, people will one day stop using plastics completely!

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