6 Foolproof Ways To Surprise Your Long Distance Boyfriend On His Birthday

6 Foolproof Ways To Surprise Your Long Distance Boyfriend On His Birthday


Love can cure every wound and curb every distance. It is true that long distance relationships are difficult but is a true epitome of love. Isn’t it? Celebrating every special milestone together help you and partner grow in a relationship. But, if your partner stays miles apart from you, it becomes a little difficult to celebrate every special occasion together. However, with a thoughtful gift for your partner, you can make your presence felt. So, if your boyfriend’s birthday is just around the corner and you are running out of ideas to surprise him on his birthday then, check out the following amazing ways that will make him smile to the fullest on his birthday even if you are away:

Surprise Him With Balloons

To ensure a million dollar smile on your boyfriend’s face on his happy birthday, surprise him with a box of balloons to his doorstep. Yes, you can send helium balloons to your boyfriend’s place on his birthday. When your boyfriend will open the box, it will give him immense joy. Isn’t it an adorable way of surprising your long-distance boyfriend on his birthday?

Plan A Surprise Visit

This is the greatest and best birthday surprise you can ever give to your boyfriend who lives miles apart from you. It will add so much meaning to your love life if you can plan a surprise visit on your boyfriend’s birthday. This will heighten the happiness of your boyfriend and make it an unforgettable affair for him. Just make sure you don’t give any hints to your boyfriend about this surprise.

Put Up An Advertisement

Here is an amazing way of surprising your boyfriend on his birthday while you are away. If you want to make your boyfriend feel extra special and valued on his happy birthday then, publish a romantic birthday message for him in the personal column of a newspaper that he reads daily. When he will find out this surprise, it will bring a million dollar smile on his face and feel very special.

Send A Delicious Cake To Him

A perfect and mouthwatering cake is the sweetest gift that you can ever give to your boyfriend on his birthday. So, order a cake online for your boyfriend and send it to his doorsteps through online cake delivery. Don’t forget to add a romantic message to the cake. This will really sweeten your long distance relationship with your boyfriend.

Send Birthday Countdown Flowers

This is an amazing way of making your boyfriend feel super special on his birthday. Start a birthday countdown surprise for your boyfriend from a week before his birthday and continue till the final day. Send him a beautiful bunch of flowers every day with a special message for him. This will really make him feel super special and thus, bring you closer to him.

A Birthday Video Message

Of course, you and your boyfriend send video messages to each other almost daily. So, how about sending him a special video message on his birthday featuring all his loved ones? This will surely bring a thousand watt smile on your boyfriend’s face. This will also show that how much do you care for his happiness.

With these certain ways, go ahead to make your boyfriend’s birthday an unforgettable one and your long-distance relationship a happier one.

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