Your Ultimate Guide to Get a Nose Piercing

Your Ultimate Guide to Get a Nose Piercing


Since prehistoric times, piercings on the body have been a part of a tradition or a cultural symbol. Now, to have a piercing is fashion. You own it, you walk it, and mostly you wear it! The most common one being nose piercing.

A nose piercing is an act of a needle or a gunshot passing through the skin or the nostril region’s flesh. Once pierced, it is adorned with jewelry, either a stud or a ring. This practice began in India during the 1500s as the Mughal Empire carried it into the country. Indian women began getting their nose pierced and embellished them with nose rings called “naths” or nostril studs are also known as “phul.”

The ones, who preferred to have only one nostril pierced, usually chose the left side. According to Ayurvedic facts, it states that women who pierce the left side of their nostrils will have a sense of relief during their menstrual cycle, and it also makes childbirth easier. Many people also get kid’s ear piercing in the Gold Coast and even in other places because of aesthetic, traditional as well as medical reasons.

 There are 7 popular types of nose piercings –

  • nostril
  • septum
  • high nostril
  • vertical tip
  • bridge
  • septril
  • nasallang

Usually, the piercing is done on one side and sometimes on both sides, or the septum type is used, especially as a fashion statement.

The nose piercing procedure begins with the piercer having a clean space to work, and the wearing of gloves during the process is of utmost importance. He will then clean the area of the piercing and mark a dot at the right position on the clean surface of the nostril region. Once you agree on the right placement of the piercing, he pierces without any hesitation with the help of a needle or a gunshot.

A needle is recommended over a gunshot. However, facts prove that when the needle is pierced, one tends to feel dizzy and will be in pain for some time. It is also dangerous and extremely agonizing when the piercing is done right on the nerve of the nostril. Yes, this happens, and it is very important to be cautious when the mark of the piercing is shown for approval. Once it is pierced, the jewelry is put in immediately with one swift motion.

The healing process of a nose piercing usually takes around two to three months, only if there are no specific issues associated with it. As the nose has mucus membranes, the first week results in some swelling around the pierced area. However, each body type is different, and it takes its own time to heal. Ensure the best aftercare tips and suggestions from professional tattoo shops in Queensland or other places to make them look great and heal faster.

Ensure washing your hands with antibacterial soap and do not play with the jewelry. Let it stay in the piercing for quite some time until it heals naturally. Do not touch the piercing as it may lead to bacterial infections. If you notice that there is no discharge or crust around your piercing, then this is a sign that it is completely healed. Continue to clean the surroundings of the piercing, even after two to three months.

Hope this article is beneficial, and necessary steps are undertaken before the actual procedure is done. Flaunting a nose piercing perfectly is a talent, and we hope you make the best out of it.

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