Which are the popular chain designs available in the market?

Which are the popular chain designs available in the market?


Some ornaments are known to exist since the ancient era and are popular even today. Many of our ancestors who lived around 40,000 years ago followed the same patterns of decorative accessories with different gemstones, diamonds, and precious metals. Though the design and manufacturing process differ significantly, we must not forget their origin.

From the Sumerians and Egyptians to the Celts, Greeks, Romans and Etruscans, a chain design is all about power, status and, of course, beauty. We have reinvented and refreshed it, capturing the essence of culture, place, and time.

Chain necklaces

They are simple, with little to no decoration apart from diamonds or gemstones. The style of the chain-link determines its look and length. You can find different sizes of chains on online jewellery shopping websites, which includes Princess (16-18 inches), Matinee (20-22 inches), Opera (30-36 inches), and Rope (36 inches and above).

Pendant necklaces

They consist of a single item of decoration hanging from a chain. One variation of the pendant is the locket used to hold a memento, such as a photo. Another variant is the lavalier created at the beginning of the 20th century with highly elaborate pendants designs crafted with gemstones and gold or platinum.

Bib necklaces

They contain several layered chains or a single significant element covering the entire breastbone. They are larger in volume and highly decorated, creating an extraordinary impact. You can order them while jewellery shopping online amongst vibrant colours and unique designs on the shopping website. You can wear them with all traditional and western outfits for any occasion.


You can find these in two variants. One version is the long singular rope or chain with decoration at either extremity, which you can wrap around the neck or tie loosely. The second variant is where the necklace meets at a central point at the front of the design and drops to one singular chain or motif.


It is a glamorous necklace consisting of either single or multiple long dangling chains, sometimes dotted with decorative links. . The size and grandeur allow for a dramatic visual effect, and the ends often contain tassels or pendants.

Riviere necklaces

They contain stones in a gentle gradation of size, intricately linked, creating an effect of a gradually flowing stream of diamonds or gemstones. The name of this necklace translates to ‘river’ in French, referring to the way the gemstones pass gracefully around the neck. This beautiful necklace focuses on the stones rather than the design. Many websites selling jewellery online include these in their collection.

Choker necklaces

They are popular since the Middle Ages and is a style that has re-entered the industry through the last decade. It is a necklace that fits snugly around your neck and is available in slim, edgy, elegant, refined, and broader variants.


This type of chain features multiple strands of pearls or gemstone beads twisted together. The term ‘torsade’ means to turn in French, and you can find examples of this in the artefacts of ancient Egypt.


A large, rigid, or stiff neck ring in metal is made either as a single piece or with a twisting mechanism of two components.  This type of necklace was especially prevalent across various cultures within Europe’s Iron Age, from around the eighth century BC to the third century AD.


The festoon necklace emerged in the Georgian period and continued well into the Victorian and Edwardian eras.  A necklace must have swags or drapes of chains incorporated into its design to be a true festoon.

Necklaces are nowadays available in many patterns and lengths in various metals. You can wear them to several casual and formal occasions, thus adding a glamourous touch to your outfit. You can also gift them to your friend or someone special at a grand event.


Nowadays, since most people love shopping digitally, you will also find online jewellery portals and apps available for convenience. It gives you the freedom to choose your jewel style and customise it as per your requirements.

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