What Personal Grooming and Shoes Have in Common

What Personal Grooming and Shoes Have in Common


Are you familiar with the concept of dressing for success? It is a concept based on the understanding that we tend to dress for whatever occasion we are anticipating. We choose clothing based on what we expect to happen, what we want to accomplish, or a combination of both. Knowing this, it’s important to not leave personal grooming and shoes out of the equation.

Personal grooming and shoes have several things in common. First and foremost, they represent opposite sides of the spectrum. Shoes are the end of the line in terms of the bottom half of your body. Personal grooming has the opposite end covered – at least in the sense that we typically associate it with the head and face.

Personal Grooming and Image

For right or wrong, society has certain expectations when it comes to personal grooming. We see different personal grooming styles and associate them with different attitudes and characteristics. For example, there is a reason that very few police departments allow officers to sport beards. Those that do still require that beards be relatively short and always neatly trimmed.

The facial hair requirement among law enforcement is directly linked to our perceptions of beards and mustaches. A man with a long beard down to his chest conjures up images of ZZ Top, or something similar. There is nothing wrong with that look. However, it doesn’t impart the same sort of authority and respect as a clean-shaven face.

We can say that societal norms about personal grooming are close minded, biased, and even a bit shortsighted. That may or may not be true. But the reality is that such perceptions exist. They persist as well. Despite more than 60 years of trying, the counterculture hasn’t managed to change them.

How Shoes Affect One’s Image

A man’s choice of shoes, and how well he cares for them, can affect his image every bit as much as his personal grooming. To be fair, what shoes look like is more important in a formal setting compared to a casual one. In other words, an attorney has to pay more attention to his shoes that a construction worker. Dirty and stained shoes present big problems for attorneys.

According to the people behind GC Tech waterproof overshoes, clean dress shoes are critical in the professional environment. A business executive walking into an important meeting with dirty shoes reduces his chances of maintaining the upper hand. Likewise for criminal and civil attorneys.

This is the whole reason waterproof shoe covers exist. They are intended for professional men who have to walk outdoors during the workday. Keeping shoes clean and dry is necessary to maintain the right image. A man whose shoes are always shiny and clean demonstrates that he pays attention to the details. That is particularly important in a professional setting.

Not Hard to Maintain Either One

The other thing personal grooming and shoes have in common is that neither one is hard to maintain. Whatever you decide about the length of your hair, for example, have it cut by a professional. If you prefer to be clean-shaven, shave every day. If you prefer facial hair, keep it a neat and trimmed beard.

As for your shoes, keep them covered in bad weather. Clean them on a regular basis. Also wear shoes appropriate to the rest of the clothes you’re wearing.

Personal grooming and shoes are the end caps of your personal appearance. They complete whatever image you are trying to present with your clothing choices. You will not offer the best presentation if they don’t match, so pay attention to both.

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