Unique & Premium Corporate Gifting Ideas for 2021

Unique & Premium Corporate Gifting Ideas for 2021


Corporate gifting is an integral part of any business. You need to give gifts to your customers, partners, employees. and other people that are associated with you in some way.

There are many ways to do corporate gifting but it can be challenging if you don’t have the right ideas or knowledge about what kind of gift will make a good impression on the receiver.

This blog gives some unique and premium gift options for 2021 which you can use for corporate gifting for Diwali this year. These ideas are not only useful but also cost-effective so you won’t have to spend too much money on them. on the Diwali occasion we can use our bedroom balloon decoration themes .

So, let get started with the ideas…

1. Buddha Paintings

If you are considering gifting something unique and premium to your staff for this Diwali, but Buddha paintings will be a good idea.  The recipients will appreciate the spiritual inspiration that Buddha artwork passes to them. These beautiful pieces of paintings can help create a healthy and harmonious environment at work that will make everyone happy!  It motivates the receiver and tells them that there is more to life than work, and inspires them to balance things in life.

2. Floral Paintings

Being a business owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain the mental health of your staff. Sometimes there is too much workload that steals the real happiness of their lives. Therefore, you should make effort to uplift their inner energy. And, Diwali gifting is the best way to do so. Why not gift them something that creates an impact of joy and happiness like Floral paintings. Yes, floral paintings can immediately leave a positive effect on their minds and moods.  You can strengthen your business connection with your employees by giving beautiful and colorful floral artwork on this Diwali.

3. Madhubani Paintings

When it comes to corporate gifting for your clients, it may be challenging to find the right gift. However, if you get a Madhubani painting for them, you will see an instant smile and happiness on their faces. The reason is simple- they’re so beautiful, inspiring, and event-appropriate. This gesture of gratitude towards your clients will further make a good step for your strong business relationship. Madhubani paintings are an excellent way to liven up your clients’ cabins and make them feel more like home.

4. Abstract Paintings

In a busy schedule, it’s important to find ways to express your appreciation for the people you work with. One way is by giving them something they can appreciate but also enjoy in their free time. Abstract painting is great because they fit any office style and person, while still being an enjoyable decoration! Whether or not a person in your corporate network has an artistic personality, abstract artwork is perfect for gifting purposes on any occasion in 2021. Be it Diwali, Christmas, New Year, or any other event, the recipient will appreciate your gift.

5. Landscape Paintings

Corporate gifting is a great way to show appreciation for your employees, but it can be difficult finding an ideal one. A landscape painting might just be the perfect fit! Landscape paintings are beautiful pieces of art that will be appreciated by all personalities. They can fit any décor perfectly so when they return home after a stressful day at the office, they can easily unwind with just a glimpse of the beautiful landscape art.


These corporate gifting ideas are something that will last and be cherished by the employees and clients for years. Not do they have sentimental value, but it also has business value as well. The company logo or slogan of these paintings will keep you in their minds forever. And, it will give you business benefits in the long run. So, don’t skip any gifting opportunities this year.

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