Fashionable and Glamorous: Kitten Heel Wedding Shoes

Fashionable and Glamorous: Kitten Heel Wedding Shoes


Kitten heels are less than 2 inches high and offer the best of both worlds. They look very much like stilettos, but they don’t kill your feet. For women whose feet throb after walking around in standard spike heels for just a few minutes, kitten heels are the answer. Kitten heels can be worn all day, every day without pain or discomfort if you choose wisely when shopping for them.

The height of kitten heel shoes is what makes them so comfortable to wear, even at weddings where you will be standing up straight with your weight evenly distributed. But what else should you consider?

When looking for kitten heels to wear as wedding shoes, there are some other things that need to be considered. Good kitten heels should also be able to go with a formal or semi-formal dress and not look out of place in the process. The shoe might be small and delicate, but it shouldn’t look like a cute ballet flat that belongs in your collection of casual footwear.

This is where personal preference comes into play when shopping for kitten heels to wear as wedding shoes. There are some styles that can work well if you want something delicate and understated, while others may only suit women who desire something more flashy and eye-catching. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some popular choices so you can decide which kitten heel wedding shoes will best suit your outfit on the big day.

Round Toe Kitten Heels

Round toe kitten heels look great with sexy evening dresses and formal gowns. The roundness of the tip is a more delicate touch than an open-toe design, but still offers a sense of openness that makes it easy to move around without feeling closed in. With a simple A-shape strap encircling the ankle, this type of kitten heel wedding shoe can be very comfortable. However, if you have larger ankles be sure to check the circumference before buying them. Some designs may not fit securely enough for your liking depending on how thick your ankles are as well as how slender the rest of your lower leg appears to be as this will affect how tight or loose the strapping fits. Be careful when purchasing online too, as some designs don’t go up to big for this very reason.

Square Toe Kitten Heels

A square toe kitten heel will usually feature an open toe area, although there are variations where the design is closed, especially around the ankle so the strap doesn’t show underneath. The squared-off look makes them even more feminine than round-toe options and is ideal for wearing with a delicate wedding dress. They come in a variety of different colours and styles, from shimmering metallic shades to plain white or black patent leather depending on your preferences. Some have thin straps while others have multiple thin straps that cross over at various points along your lower leg creating a lattice effect. These can be very comfortable as long as you get a good fit which is why it’s important to try them on before you buy.

Heel Shoes with Ankle Straps

If you want a really secure fit when wearing kitten heels as wedding shoes, then you can’t beat a pair that has an ankle strap securing them in place. They will be slightly wider than other options to provide a good base for your foot and the buckle detailing will help secure them to your lower leg so there’s no chance of losing them.

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