Types of Acne Scars That Are Fixable With Laser Treatment

Types of Acne Scars That Are Fixable With Laser Treatment


Are your acne scars the first thing you notice when you look in the mirror? While there are several reasons why acne scars can occur, they are not something you want on your face for a long time. Some of these acne scar fas, but many still look prominent even after years. Fortunately, laser treatment is an effective solution to remove these acne scars from your face prominently. Not only does laser treatment remove the marks that are present on the outer layer of your skin, but it also removes deep-rooted acne marks which are challenging to get rid of.

Additionally, the procedure is super simple and convenient, with no pain or hassle. Laser treatment is one of the most valuable technologies for almost all skin problems, so if you are looking for a powerful solution for your acne mark, visit North Bay Laser & Skin Care Center today!

Types of acne scars that are fixable with laser treatment 

1. Ice pick marks 

Ice pick acne marks are one of the most severe and prominent scars caused by acne on your face. Due to their shape and tiny appearance, it looks like someone has poked an icepack on your face leaving a  puncture hole in your skin. These scars are challenging to get rid of, and since they have such a sharp appearance, they might be the focus of your face.

However, laser technology can eliminate any ice pick marks left by acne. As these marks are caused after the acne has healed, they are not harmful to yours. Nevertheless, they might not look good on your face causing marks and spots.

Ince picks marks are deep and pointed in appearance. They are present within less than 2 millimeters of your skin surface; hence, you might find removing them with any products challenging. But with laser technology, you can permanently get rid of rigid scars and have clear and glass-like skin.

2. Boxcar scars 

While some acne leaves marks on your skin after it heals, others can cause a depression on your skin surface to look uneven. These types of scene scars are called boxcar scars which are responsible for the rough skin texture on your face. They mainly occur in the cheek region and are either brown or red. However, most boxcar scars are colorless and exist in oval depressions on your skin.

Uneven skin can make you look older and even cause fine lines and wrinkles at an early age. Fortunately, with laser technology, you can get rid of these scars and attain smooth and healthy skin.

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