Trimming v/s shaving: Which one wins?

Trimming v/s shaving: Which one wins?


Should you shave your skin or use an electric trimmer? We let you decide.

Removing hair quickly and painlessly is a chore that most modern women have to contend with. There is hardly any time to book time consuming salon appointments, so often the easiest option is to take a shaver or razor and shave the body hair off.

Lately, however, many women have started using electric trimmers instead of razors. Meanwhile, they use waxing strips or depilatory creams on larger areas of the body when they wish to remove body hair. Which do you choose: Shaving or trimming?

Shaving the hair off…

Shaving is certainly an easy and quick hair removal method. You just take a razor blade to your skin and cut off the hair at the surface. Many women prefer to shave their arms and legs, especially if they lead busy lives. But shaving presents certain problems:

  • The hair regrowth is thick and coarse. Plus, the hair starts growing back in a day. So it is an extremely short term hair removal method.
  • The skin might itch while the stubble grows back. The stubble is rough to the touch as well.
  • The skin is stripped off its natural oils when the razor blades come in contact with it. It becomes dry and rough.
  • The razor blades increase the chances of injury by cuts and scrapes.
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Trimming the hair off…

As opposed to shaving, where the hair is cut at the surface of the skin with a razor blade, trimming is done with an electric trimmer that skims the surface of the skin. It does not employ razor blades to cut the hair. Rather, it has metal trimmers that deftly crop or trim the hair without touching the skin.

  • Trimming merely crops the hair a little over the surface of the skin. The best electric trimmers from leading brands offer the closest trim, where even short hair is deftly removed.
  • Electric trimmers are great for smaller areas of hair removal. They are especially useful for removing hair from the face, where other hair removal methods like shaving and depilation are not recommended. You can use it also in your underarms and bikini area, with a different attachment.
  • You can use the trimmer to precisely shape your eyebrows, remove excess hair from your cheeks, chin and sideburns, and also some growth along the jawline. You no longer need to thread or wax the facial hair if you can trim it.
  • The electric trimmer offers a quick and painless hair removal option. It does not harm the skin in any way while deftly removing hair.
  • However, the hair regrowth is rapid as well, since the hair is merely trimmed at the surface and not pulled out or dissolved.

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