Top 5 Reasons to Leave Your Funny T-Shirts at Home

Top 5 Reasons to Leave Your Funny T-Shirts at Home


It is probably safe to say that T-shirts are the most prolific pieces of all-purpose clothing you can buy. Considered undergarments until the 1950s, T-shirts have become ubiquitous with modern life. They are everywhere. Best of all, they are appropriate in almost every situation – even the ones with humorous messages.

‘Almost’ is the key word here. There are some situations in which a funny T-shirt is not appropriate. It pays to know what they are. To that end, Nerd Kung Fu offers five reasons to leave your funny T-shirts at home:

1. You’re Going to a Funeral

A funeral is rarely an appropriate environment for a T-shirt as outerwear. Funerals are not a place to draw attention to yourself. You are there to pay respects to the deceased and his or her family.

The one exception here is when T-shirts are somehow linked to the person being memorialized. Maybe you are attending the funeral of a friend who was a rabid sci-fi fan. Her family wants to honor her by having all of the attendees where Star Trek and Big Bang Theory T-shirts.

2. You’re Going to a Job Interview

Although most of us no longer wear formal clothing – think suits and dresses here – to job interviews, we haven’t yet reached the point at which funny T-shirts are acceptable. A job interview is your opportunity to impress. You will have a challenging time doing so if you show up dressed in the same clothes you wear on the weekends.

3. You Haven’t Done Your Laundry

This next scenario is for all of you bachelors and bachelorettes. You know who you are. You should absolutely leave your funny T-shirts at home if it has been a while since you’ve done the laundry. No, it’s not okay to pull something out of a hamper, sniff it a few times, and throw it on along with a gallon of cologne.

Dirty T-shirts stink. They also tend to wrinkle. You may not have a problem wearing dirty clothes, but is that something you want to broadcast to the rest of the world? Probably not. So just say no.

4. You Are Meeting a Sensitive Crowd

Yet another scenario dictating you should leave your T-shirts at home is one in which you will be meeting with a sensitive crowd. Let’s say your favorite funny T-shirt offers a rather crass message. It is probably not a good idea to wear it to a family gathering in which small children will be present.

Likewise, it is not a good idea to wear a T-shirt poking fun at the joys of drinking if you know you will be encountering people who willingly abstain from alcohol. The point is this: know your audience.

5. You’re Going on a First Date

Last but not least is wearing a funny T-shirt on a first date. That is always a no-no. Why? Because you don’t know this person you are meeting with very well. You don’t know his or her sense of humor or boundaries. Sure, the right message could endear you for life. The wrong message could ruin your chances of marital bliss before you even get started.

No, it is better to stay neutral on a first date. More importantly, you want to put your best foot forward. So dress up. Make it look like you put at least a little effort into creating a good presentation. Don’t go looking like a slob if you want a second date.

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And now you know that there are some situations for which T-shirts are not a good fit. Don’t fight it.

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