Know the expert fashion tips that make you look like a man

Know the expert fashion tips that make you look like a man


Men already know this that in order to look effortlessly stylish, you actually need to put in a lot of effort. Now that you’re no longer a guy under 15, you have to dress like a man so that people don’t mistake you for a guy. Read on this post to know more on men’s fashion and the best tips given by fashion experts.

1. Wear blank solid T-shirts

Blank T-shirts are a life changer. This is a very simple fact that people men rarely realize when they think of looking fashionable. You can never go wrong with a basic T-shirt of any solid color. If you want to wear it under a shirt, that looks even better.

2. Choose striped T-shirts

Are you aware of the basics? You can wear tee-shirts that can give you a better effect by selecting striped ones. White and navy blue can always be a classic choice. You can pair such a t-shirt with khaki trousers. You may choose other vibrant colors too.

3. Formal shirts should tucked

If you’re wearing a business shirt, this is a formal one and they should always be kept under the belt, tucked! Business shirts should not remain unbuttoned or left on top or untucked. And don’t ever wear it with a casual t-shirt underneath.

4. No printed denims

If you have to go by the rules of style, just as you should never wear a printed t-shirt under a formal shirt, your pair of denims should NEVER be printed. You won’t look good and it won’t give you a proper look.

5. Socks pulled to the knee can look good only on girls

Do you feel too cold? If yes, make sure you wear trousers that are long. Don’t ever make the mistake of pulling up the socks till your neck as that will make you look like a madcap.

6. Know the trick of tying your tie

Many men have to wear a tie everyday and it’s almost like tying a shoe. Practice will make you perfect as long as tying a tie is concerned. Once you’re done, you’re ready for that meeting or interview.

7. Wear a properly fitted t-shirt

While wearing a shirt, make sure the shirt fits you properly. Know the right size of your sleeves and neck to make sure the shirt fits you perfectly and gives you a smart look.

8. Shirts with short sleeves are for kids

Since you’re an adult, this means that you are able of rolling up the sleeves of your shirt. But that doesn’t mean you have to wear short-sleeved shirts as that won’t give you a manly look.

9. Choose patterns

How about choosing timeless patterns like horizontal stripes on t-shirts with long sleeves? The best stripes are both the wide ones along with the thin ones.

10 Use the right colors

As long as the colors are concerned, select the timeless ones. White is probably the best base color and this goes well with khaki color and navy blue.

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