Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows With ETUDE HOUSE Eyebrow Pencils

Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows With ETUDE HOUSE Eyebrow Pencils


Brows are life. This is what we always hear from women all over the world. The eyebrows help contour our face. When these are perfectly shaped, they give our face a cleaner definition. This is the reason why every woman needs to know how to shape their eyebrows. And you can easily do that using the best eyebrow pencil.

Etude House natural colouring eyebrow pencil are some of the best sellers on the market today. Because of their wide range of choices, you can definitely pick out the best eyebrow pencil for you with the best colors that you can choose from. Let us go ahead and see how to do a perfect-shaped eyebrow with the Etude House natural coloring eyebrow pencils.

The TOP 3 Etude House Eyebrow Pencils

This comes in 7 different colors that you can choose from. It can help you create perfectly shaped eyebrows with its triangular shaped pencil. It has soft to apply because of the moisture and Vitamin E to soften your eyebrows. It can give your eyebrows a natural color with its temperature resistance to maintain its natural color. The colors that you can choose from are Dark Brown, Gray-brown, Brown, Dark Gray, Gray, Black, and the newest addition is the Light Brown.

Etude House Drawing Slim Eyebrow

With this pencil, you can draw perfect eyebrows with its very slim 1.5mm pencil. You have 6 colors to choose from namely Dark Brown, Natural Brown, Light Brown, Grey Brown, red Brown and Soft Black. You can start drawing a contour of the eyebrow, then fill in the eyebrows until the outer edge, comb them using the screw brush for a natural makeup look.

Etude House Play 101 Pencil 0.5g

This eyebrow pencil is a gel-type where you have many colors to choose from. This has 39 available colors that would be fun to mix and match with your makeup. This Multi Pencil is the best deal since you can use this not only on your eyebrows but can also be used as eyeshadow, lipstick or lip liner, blush, and also as a concealer. This includes a sharpener for a much convenient application.

This Etude House Play 101 Pencil, comes in 5 different textures. You have the Creamy that has smooth adhesion and amazing application with just one touch, Matte that will give you a powdery finish, Glossy which is the regular moist glossy type that can cover up wrinkles, Shimmering which has pearly particles to give your lips a shimmer, Glitter which has large glitter peart particles.

When choosing the perfect eyebrow pencil, you have to know which would be best for you. Choose the right color as well as the texture. Whether you want a powdery eyebrow pencil or a gel-like pencil. With Etude House, you have plenty to choose from. It is best if you can check online if which shade and type of eyebrow pencil would be perfect for you. You can also watch video tutorials on how to professionally fill in your eyebrows to give it a natural look.

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