Looking For Spring Flowers? Choose Tulips

Looking For Spring Flowers? Choose Tulips


Spring is here and nothing marks the end of the winter like spring flowers. If you are wondering what flowers to choose to send someone to brighten their day or celebrate an occasion, go for Tulips. While there is a range of spring flowers, nothing is as beautiful as Tulips. Of all spring flowers, Tulips are the most colorful ones. Anyone could fall in love at the first sight of Tulips!

With their vibrant colors and beautiful blooms, Tulips are the iconic symbol of spring. If you are still not convinced, you should probably look at the reasons why tulips make an ideal spring flower choice.

Different Varieties to Choose From

Do you know there are over 3000 types of tulips? Yes, there are 75 different species and about 3000 varieties have been found. This number is expected to go up as new varieties are regularly being planted. They come in different shapes and sizes. Most tulips have symmetrical flowers, which is a common striking feature. Generally, the blooms have three sepals and petals. However, since the sepals and petals are in the same shape and size, tulips appear to have six petals.

Some varieties of tulips are found with classic smooth cup-shaped flowers, while others have fancy fringed petals. So, if you’re going to add tulips to your floral arrangement, ask the florist Charlottesville VA about the varieties and try to choose something unique, especially if you’re planning to impress someone.

A Range Of Colors

Tulips are renowned for their vibrant and cheerful colors and exquisite shape. They are grown in any color, from dark purple to snowy white. Walk into any flower shops in Charlottesville VA and you can find different colors of tulips, making it hard to choose the right hue. However, you can’t find tulips in blue. While blue is one of the rarest colors when it comes to flowers, despite the efforts of farmers, blue tulips look more like lilac. The best florist Charlottesville VA  can help you choose the right color to add to any floral arrangement based on your needs.

Different Colors Have Different Meanings

Tulips have different symbolic meanings according to their colors. Tulips are springtime flowers and are associated with rebirth and new beginnings. However, different colors represent different meanings.

Red tulips are associated with love, passion and romance, while pink symbolizes best wishes, care, and confidence. Purple tulips signify sophistication, royalty, and elegance. Could there be a better way to tell your special someone that you admire her or him than gifting or sending purple tulips? Do you want to make peace with someone? White tulips are the best choice as they signify forgiveness, peace, and purity. On the other hand, yellow represents cheer, joy, and happiness, making it an ideal choice if you want to cheer someone. And really, it’s fine to send a color just because it’s pretty!

As you see, tulips are the best spring flower to give someone. Be someone’s sunshine, send a bouquet of assorted tulips to brighten their day. Can’t deliver the bouquet personally? Don’t worry; flower delivery Charlottesville VA has got you covered! Please speak to your local florist for helpful suggestions.

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