How to get rid of Acne Scars

How to get rid of Acne Scars


Do acne scars ever go away? Yes, they do. Sometimes naturally they fade away as the pimples subside. And sometimes if you pick at your pimples, they do result in some serious scarring, for which you need treatments like ointments, creams or gels. While acne scars take the form of a depression on the surface or your skin. They can also take the shape of dips deep into your skin surface. But all of that is curable.

Cures for Acne

Several home remedies and methods are available to treat skin issues like acne. But scientifically proven and thoughtfully developed products that are specifically designed to treat acne scars work the best for that serious scarring. Don’t worry, it will do the same magic for lighter scarring and acne issues too. While there are a number of products available in the market, several gels and creams are there to choose from, a lot of people ask as to how does Differin help with acne scars? The answer to that is really simple. It decreases the number of and harshness of pimples. Promoting quick healing of pimples too.

It contains Rx-strength retinoid which helps to fight off acne. Now if you are unfamiliar with what retinoid is, let me guide you there. It plays a key role in treating acne, it regulates your skin cell’s turnover and further reduces any kinds of inflammation that has previously set deep into the skin. And bonus is, it also makes your skin crystal clear and prevents new baby pimples from forming entirely.

More Cures

There are several other methods available to treat acne scars like Salicylic Acid, you probably might have heard about it. It’s all the rage nowadays. Other ways are Alpha Hydroxy Acids, that help to get rid of dead skin cells and further reduce clogged pores. Lactic acid is another kind that is surely going to work for treating acne.

Other than the several kinds of acids mentioned, a number of home remedies are proven to be effective for mild acne too. That includes applying aloe vera gel on the pimples, you could also use orange peel powder and mix it with yogurt, put it on your skin to lessen any signs of acne. Then baking soda and lemon juice are also known to be effective for treating acne spots on the skin surface. (make sure there is no bruise or damaged skin, else get ready for some serious burning on your skin, even a rash! So be careful for that) Another tip that grandmas swear by is the turmeric yogurt face mask or turmeric mixed with fuller’s earth clay. Come to oils, and you have coconut oil and castor oils are your best friends to treat acne and moisturize and make your skin shine.

Prevent Acne

Those were the treatments for acne, but you could also prevent acne! Well, not entirely but to some extent. Always make sure to remove your makeup before sleeping, moisturize your face always. Use a good face wash twice a day, use a satin or silk pillowcase (also works for excellent hair strength) and always use a separate face towel, or best, let it air dry. So get your hands on the best treatment you can find to treat your acne scars, and when they are gone, you can always prevent new ones from forming.

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