7 Mistakes made before choosing the Best Caterers in Kolkata

7 Mistakes made before choosing the Best Caterers in Kolkata


Bored and totally confused among so many options and vendors promising you the best service? Do not want to settle with the catering uncle’s fixed menu? But also fear experimenting? Here, are some easy tricks that shall help you in finding the best caterers in Kolkata.

 Among the other things that includes decoration, planning and organisation, food is the most important thing in every event. The responsibility of the best food combination and menu. From absolute professional help and skilled cooking, to getting the best caterers in Kolkata.

Honestly, no one finds their perfect match at the first go. So, it is always best to wait and check a few, before falling for a so called Best Caterers in Kolkata.

1.Falling for the low prices

The best caterers in Kolkata or the so called once, shall always strive you with unbelievable prices. Usually the catering market has a wide variety of price range.

But settling with the cheapest of all, might be your biggest mistake. The reason behind this is simply because the quality of the raw materials is kept at stake.

If you want to work with the Best Caterers in Kolkata, then surely go with the one who assures you about the origin of their raw materials.

2.Not getting assured about the Quality

As in above, always get to taste and try the food from the once, claiming to be the Best Caterers in Kolkata.

Decide it yourself, whether she can actually prepare according to your expectations.

Choosing the best caterer in Kolkata might be really very tricky. Understand their strengths and qualify accordingly. Do not opt for something or someone, which  might be a risky venture.

3.Dishonest vendors

No wonder every catering service calls themselves the best caterers in Kolkata. But, it is you who has to find out the proof for sufficing the statement. Often, they make unrealistic promises that are very shady from the point where it all started.

Do not fall for it! Classify your choice for the Best Caterers in Kolkata with an honest and transparent relationship with your caterer. Clearly understand their stand the profit margins and your ultimate gain.

4.Deception of Quantity

Caterers often charge their customers more than what is their requirement. This is simply because, they try to hide all the extra plates that wasn’t  required by the consumers end.

You can surely never expect this sort of shady behaviour from the Best Caterers in Kolkata. They are transparent about everything in the bucket.

5.Settling with fixed menus

Best caterers in Kolkata, have their menus and charts designed for the customers. That doesn’t mean, that you cannot customize it according to your own choice.

Be vocal and honest about your choice and desire to have a certain dish included or excluded in the package. The best caterers in Kolkata shall definitely listen to their respective customers.

Don’t settle with what is given to you. If you have a doubt and desire to include, disclose that to your caterer.

6.Not reading through testimonials

Do you buy anything online without reading the reviews? No, I am pretty sure. Then why do you have to settle without reading proper and real testimonials from their previous clients.

The best Caterers in Kolkata shall always have ample reviews and comments posted below their listing or post, so definitely read through all. Not only this shall help you understand the market better but also to accommodate your foot to thought.

7.Running on to catch a train

And, again go slow and steady before ending up choosing the wrong catering service. The Best Caterers in Kolkata is an ultimate choice that differs from one person to another.

Because at the end of the day it is about your big day and event. Take time, and see through multiple options. After you have seen and checked everything above, then go for the one which suits your need at the end of the day. Call that your Best caterer in Kolkata!

These were the seven mistakes that people often make before finding the best Caterers in Kolkata. You don’t repeat the same mistake and choose like a wise owl.

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