6 tips for having the best Bengali Wedding photography

6 tips for having the best Bengali Wedding photography


Bengali Wedding photography is a must have for any “Bangali bor & bou”. Nevertheless, you might wonder how the couple next door got such amazing pictures; which is flooding your Facebook and Instagram account!

How did they have a tremendously pretty wedding haul and not you? The question is, what made their wedding go from simple to such an extravaganza.

With a few changes in your entire wedding planning, you can completely get the best Bengali Wedding photography. Here are some tips that you should follow before going on board.

1.Organize your event for Bengali Wedding photography 

The first and the foremost deal is to take things under your control. It is your wedding, so you should decide the pattern of your wedding stage decoration or the colour of your Benarasi Saree.

Don’t let your peers or relatives put their wants over your throat. At the end of the day, you are supposed to be happy on your big day.

Make sure that you have trustworthy and assured vendors in all the premises. Your smile and happiness is of utmost necessity for getting the best Bengali Wedding photography.

2.Handle decoration colors for Bengali Wedding photography

 After you have the decision making power, go with the colour skins of your choice. Firstly, select the right venue that can accommodate all your guests.

A huge crowd can mess up your mood, and pictures as well. So, go for a bigger venue that has decoration suiting your and your husband’s attire the right way.

Choose shimmers but do not go over the top while decorating your venue. Choose solid colours and have the good old flower decoration.

3.Bengali Wedding photography with minimalist style

As said above, try solid colours with your decorations or go for the bohemian white and fury style. Honestly, if you keep it minimal, then it is elegant.

Try a particular theme for your wedding, like that of retro or patterns. Bengali Wedding photography is best when under a well organised roof of colours and patterns.

4.Follow your skin pallet for Bengali Wedding photography

This is very important for any bride and groom. We often wear attires that are our favourite colour. But there is a chance that maybe, we would look good in some other color when it is about wedding.

So, the best option is to take help from professionals in the store. He or she might suggest you with the best that suits your skin texture, tone and body type.

Secondly, that colour or pattern should fall under the midrange of you and your better half. You both should have the same color pattern and design for the best Bengali Wedding photography.

5.Select color code with Bengali Wedding photography

After all that is done, make a colour code for the closest of guests. Like that of your sisters, brothers and friends. The more decked up and organized it is, the better is the picture quality.

The colour shade should be opposite to the pattern and shade the bride and groom is adorned in. We don’t want the same pictures all the way round.

Your Bengali Wedding photography should have the ultimate bangaliana, and the feelings of happiness and family.

6.Seek professional help for Bengali Wedding photography

The last but not the least. Go with the best professional help you can take. Opt for ones known for their best Bengali Wedding photography.

A professional photographer knows you the best way and can help you achieve the best version of pictures. Another important thing is that of the makeup.

Hire a professional makeup artist, who is going to enhance your beauty, instead of changing you into someone else. Put your trust on someone who can make the best version of you and not someone else.

Ultimately, your Bengali Wedding photography also depends upon your poses and lastly the smile. So, be candid and happy.

These were the tricks and tips that are a must for any nervous couple. At the end of the day, it is always about what you want to do for the big day. So, treat your desires at the utmost priority and discuss it with the help you have taken from the professionals.

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