Scientifically Proven Ways To Attract Women!

Scientifically Proven Ways To Attract Women!


You should probably brush up on your knowledge regarding women and then do some research into the psychology of attraction now that you have some free time. Believe it or not, despite the common perception that women are mysterious, convoluted, and incomprehensible beings, women are actually not all that difficult to comprehend.

The scientific method should serve as your right-hand man if capturing that girl’s affection is one of your goals. It doesn’t matter where we are or when we were born; a lot of what we find attractive is universal and also has a lot to do with the biological urges we have to mate. We might act like ladies, but underneath it all, we’re just a bunch of wild animals. Here’s how to attract women.

Your Scent

It goes without saying that if you smell like you haven’t washed in weeks, no one is going to find you beautiful. However, some natural scents may make a significant difference in terms of appeal. Several studies have demonstrated that women who smell sweaty clothing are often more drawn to the odors of males who seem to have a distinct kind of immune system gene compared to their own. This is contrary to the results of the women’s own immune system genes. The assumption being made here is that if they were to have children with this guy who smells pleasant, those children would reap the benefits of having a combination of these genes. On the other hand, research has revealed that women who use birth control methods that include hormones no longer have this genetic predisposition. On the contrary, they favored men who already had genes similar to their own.


Breaking news. Beards are attractive to women. Although we are aware that there are certain individuals who have a preference for having a lovely, clean, as well as smooth baby face, the majority of ladies have a preference for males who have facial hair. It has everything to do with that wacky testosterone. Bearded males almost always give off an air of more maturity and machismo, don’t you think?

So, gentlemen, put away that razor and sport a rugged appearance by growing out your beards.


It’s not merely a societal construct that men are supposed to have a deep voice to be considered manly. Several studies have revealed that women unconsciously make the connection and really adore those deep tones like crazy. One British researcher went a step further and concluded that the combination of breathiness and depth gives off the impression of being the ideal balance of masculine and feminine qualities. Now you know how to attract women using your deep voice. 


Believe me, and this topic has nothing to do with the latest fashion trends. It’s all about the hue, really. It has been established without a reasonable doubt that red is by far the most forceful, hostile, and preeminent hue in the spectrum.

However, research has also proven the impacts of wearing red by capturing images of various guys and digitally modifying the color of the men’s clothes. This study was done to illustrate the effects of wearing red. When these photographs were provided to the female participants, they judged the males as being more attractive and much more aggressive than the women.

Sense Of Humor

You’ve got a quick wit, but your sense of humor is even quicker. So, I guess we’ll just get right down to business here. It’s a common saying that women like a guy who is able to make them laugh, and this sentiment couldn’t be more accurate. Intriguing phenomena that occur when two people who do not know one another come into contact with one another were recently discovered by researchers from the University of Kansas. He claims that the likelihood that a woman will want to date a guy increases proportionately with the number of times that he attempts to make her laugh, and she does so.

The study went on to indicate that the reason why people attempt to be amusing around ladies is that they could be trying to and want her to show her cards. This was one of the conclusions that were drawn from the research. If a person is able to make a woman laugh, they are more likely to see that person as clever and outgoing, according to the findings of a research that was quite similar to this one. Whoever suggested that dating is a serious business should get their head examined.


Studies conducted all around the globe and in a wide variety of cultural settings have consistently shown that women have a preference for taller men. This is not to say that we have anything against small males. According to the alleged psychology underlying this phenomenon, women desire to feel protected by their partners, and this is more likely to occur if their partners are larger than them. In essence, tall males give off the sense of being attractive guardians whom we can depend on, regardless of whether or not they would genuinely have our backs. It’s possible that this isn’t the most progressive way of thinking, but research backs it up.

These tips tell you scientifically how to attract women and make them fall in love with you. 

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