Know about different type of swimwear and dos and don’t

Know about different type of swimwear and dos and don’t


Materials used to make swimwear are many but these are popularly used. Elastane, polyamide nylonnd polyester are popular synthetic fibres in the manufacture of swimwear. The materials convince with amultitude of positive properties.

V-type – the apple shape

Strong upper body; broad shoulders; medium to large bust size; little pronounced waist; Hips are narrower than the shoulders; Slim legs

Matching swimwear:

With V-types, it is important to emphasize the slim lower body. You can do this with eye-catching bikini panties, among other things. To distract a little from your broad upper body, asymmetrically cut tops are ideal. You can also hide your wide cross with halterneck bikinis or swimsuits with a wide neckline. These also conjure up a beautiful cleavage. Triangle bikinis also look very good on slim V types.

Less recommended:

Avoid bandeau bikinis and swimsuits. These would additionally accentuate your broad shoulder and chest area. Eye-catching tops are also not recommended.

Ideal patterns & colors:

The design of the top should be as discreet as possible. Anything you like is allowed for the bottom and bikini panties. Rely on extravagant prints, bright colors and fashionable details such as fringes, bows or ruffles.

X-Type – the hourglass figure

Very narrow waist; Hip and shoulder are about the same width; small to large bust size; strong thighs; Round bottom

Matching swimwear:

Thanks to their balanced proportions, X-types can wear almost anything. You look particularly gorgeous in fashionable two-piece suits that accentuate your feminine curves. Take z. B. to bandeau, triangle, halter neck or underwire bikinis with tight briefs. High-waist models also look great on you. If you prefer something a little sportier, a bustier bikini is just the thing. If you prefer a swimsuit, make sure it accentuates your slim waist.

Less recommended:

To buy swimwear online according to your individual preferences. The only thing to look out for is that your bikini or swimsuit fits perfectly.

Ideal patterns & colors:

Anything you like is allowed. Decide on plain-colored, subtle models or swimwear with an all-over print in bright colours.


  • Rinse swimwear with cold water immediately after use.
  • Wash by hand or in the machine on a cold or gentle cycle (without spin) after three to four days.
  • Use mild or functional detergent.
  • Do not wring out swimwear or hang it up, but dry it while lying down.


  • Let swimwear come into contact with sunscreen, deodorant or perfume.
  • Dry the bikini and swimsuit in direct sunlight.
  • Put swimwear in the dryer.
  • Use fabric softener, which attacks the fibres and reduces the stability of the fabric.

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