How to Start Working on Your Summer Body the Safe Way!

How to Start Working on Your Summer Body the Safe Way!


Here is the most common scenario when it comes to getting into health and fitness:

You are at work and you decide that today is the day you change your lifestyle!

During your lunch break, you make your way to your local sports store and pick up an entirely new outfit

When you get home in the evening, instead of sitting in front of the couch and watching television you get changed and run around the block until you can barely breathe

You then return home feeling accomplished and declaring that you have discovered a new life and can’t wait to exercise every day

Looks good, right? Until you add in the last step.

You wake up the next day and are in so much pain and discomfort that you swear you will never undertake an instance of exercise ever again!

Sound familiar? If yes, this article has some tips to help you out.

Take it slow

If you are genuinely going from a routine of doing nothing after work to exercise then your best bet is to ease yourself into it. This is for the simple reason that your body just isn’t ready for it.

Instead, keep your eyes on the final goal and your mind on smaller ones. For example, walking around the block a few times each night for the first week should be considered an achievement. Why? Because it’s what your body was able to do and you pushed yourself to do it!

Use this feeling to gauge your fitness levels and increase the amount of exercise you do gradually over the course of weeks instead of days, remembering to always stay hydrated.

Wear the Right Clothes

If there was one thing which the person in the first example got right, it was to head to the store and get new clothes. However, you don’t have to get the latest fashions or spend a lot of money. The Groupon Coupons page for Neiman Marcus has a range of high-quality sports items at a fraction of the cost you are are expecting.

The reason to wear purpose designed gear is for your health and safety. For example, running in regular sneakers which aren’t designed to absorb heavy impact can cause serious foot and ankle problems. Similarly, not wearing clothes which draw the sweat away from your skin as you run can cause you to feel ill and be unable to exercise for days at a time.


Last, but certainly not least, is the tip to stretch!

Every day that you sit in front of your computer, your muscles stiffen up and become locked. Thrusting them into exercise only makes matters worse by causing damage. Inserted, start with a gentle stretching session to help unlock these muscles and prepare them for the torture you have planned.

Once you have finished your routine, be sure to give your whole body another stretch to encourage blood and oxygen flow to your muscles and begin the recovery process.

Now is a great time to start working on your summer body, as long as you do it safely! Keep this article and the tips included in it in your mind and enjoy your new healthy life and summer body

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