5 Gorgeous Flowers for Your Favorite Lady

5 Gorgeous Flowers for Your Favorite Lady


If you are running out of gift ideas to surprise your partner, consider sending her flowers. It’s the most unique and beautiful way of expressing your love and affection. A bouquet or arrangement of flowers is a lovely token of appreciation that doesn’t need words to convey your emotions. Even though you like the idea of giving flowers, you might not know which ones to choose. This guide from a Baltimore florist will help you out. Here are the five best flowers to give to your significant other:


Lilac is a great choice for a budding love with your partner. In May and June, they fill the air with their fragrance. Their violet shade symbolizes strong love. Florists suggest sending these flowers for your loved one’s birthday. A stunning arrangement of Lilacs will make her day memorable. You might not know what her favorite flower is, but a bouquet of Lilacs will definitely make her smile.


Orchids are one of the most exotic flowers you will ever find. The flowers have been symbolizing luxury for decades. Send an arrangement of orchids or a long-lasting orchid plant to someone via flower delivery in Baltimore when you want to let them know that your love is pure and everlasting. Because this beautiful flower represents unconditional love, it will be the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or birthday.


Daisies are a preferred choice for several people out there. This happy bloom symbolizes joy and innocence. This is ideal for people in a new relationship. When you are getting to know someone, send these flowers to show your affection for them. Explore some of the best arrangements offered by an online flower shop, and add a personal note with the floral gift to make it more special.


Also known as Peruvian Lily, Alstroemeria is another great choice worth considering. Although this flower is often associated with friendship, it denotes devotion and romance as well. The six petals of Alstroemeria illustrate different traits – humor, patience, commitment, empathy, understanding and respect, all of which are important for a relationship to flourish.

Red Roses:

Red Roses are indeed the obvious choice, considering they are the most romantic of all. Roses are available in a number of colors, however a Red Rose is usually preferred for being a symbol of passionate and everlasting love. Celebrate your love by purchasing a stunning arrangement crafted by expert florists. Red Roses are available pretty well throughout the year, as they’re also excellent wedding flowers in Baltimore. Roses are delightful gifts for other occasions including Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, and more.

You can either choose from a collection of readymade floral arrangements offered by skilled florists, or even make one yourself! A recognized flower shop in Baltimore offers DIY kits that you allow you to creatively design a lovely arrangement for your special person. The recipient will be ecstatic to know that you took the time and effort to create something so stunning for them.

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