3 Tips for a More Productive Weekend

3 Tips for a More Productive Weekend


Weekends are meant to be rest days if you have work from Monday to Friday. It would be easy if you can completely distance yourself from work and leave time for yourself during these precious days, but the reality is different for many. You may be working too hard on weekdays that you are too tired to do anything on the weekends. You tell yourself this will give you plenty of time to get back on track, but alas, when Monday comes and you’re working on a fresh batch of tasks, you realize the same thing will happen the next weekend.

It’s important that you leave room for entertainment and self-care no matter what age you are. Even if you’re in a high-ranking position, you still need some downtime. However, this doesn’t mean you can just be unproductive on the weekends. Here’s how you can be more productive while getting some much-needed time off:

Make a List

When you’re ending the week with a lot of clutter in your mind, you won’t find the weekends enjoyable. You dread the start of the next week because of the tasks you have to accomplish, and you can’t gauge how much time you actually have free. This can easily be solved by taking the time to sit down and make a list of all the things you have to do. Yes, you don’t want to know just how much you need to finish, but organizing them will help you tackle them one by one without forgetting anything. When Monday comes around, you’ll be ready for them and you’ll realize the list may not be as long as you think.

Allow Yourself Some Me Time

When you hear your friends talking about buying face masks online, it’s not just their vanity kicking in. There’s a pretty good reason that self-care is a thriving industry. It’s because people need time to recharge and feel like they’re doing things for themselves, even if it’s just for an hour. This hour of pampering, whether you’re just catching up on your latest TV series or just letting your skin soak in a moisturizing face mask, it will leave you feeling better about yourself. And that ultimately leads to you being hyped to accomplish more.

Stock up on Groceries

One thing you need to do but may not be inclined to do during the weekends is buying groceries. You tell yourself you can just go after your work shift, so you’ll have your two rest days completely free. Do that and you might end up buying fast food or splurging on brands you didn’t even think you liked? You’re more prone to impulsive shopping when you’re tired and you’re looking at limited options from your local store. If you stock up on groceries over the weekend, you can do it at the start of the day so that your mind is not tired yet, and you can make the best decisions for each product you need. You can also do this together with your next makeup haul for one productive trip to the mall.

It’s great to have some time for the things you love. But even on your rest days, you can still make productive decisions that will make your life better for the whole week.

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